Streetology / Sneakerology Store


Project: Streetology / Sneakerology | Location:Sydney, Australia| Architect: Facet Studio Building completion: 2011

Facet Studio’s Sneakerology was awarded Best Retail in 2011, with it’s illuminating approach to presenting shoes in an engaging and immersive fashion as a museum which exhibits sneakers. This is Sneakerology in the new Westfield Shopping Centre, Sydney. Each box is 200mm x 600mm, and are individually numbered. By interacting with the touch panels located in the middle of the shop floor, it is possible to extract detailed information of the merchandise in front of your eyes. The consumer is able to experience the philosophy of each maker, thoughts of people involved in the design of the merchandise, and any story in the history of this design, hidden behind each individual shoe.

There is no such field of study called “Streetology”; but this shop is a visual reflection of the street trend.  It creates excitement by drawing a parallel between the shopping experience, and the act of flipping through pages of magazine asking ones self, “I wonder what is popular now on the streets!” – Facet Studio

Suspended vending machines dispense plastic tubes containing coloured T-shirts. The tubes are arranged by colour, with a sample T-shirt on a hanger below each dispenser.

Streetology the shop is situated next to shoe store Sneakerology Westfields Sydney.

[via Facet Studio]

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