Armani Fifth Avenue


Project: Armani Fifth Avenue   | Location:New York, USA| Architect: Doriana & Massimiliano Fuksas Building completion: 2009

Situated in the centre of New York, in one of the world’s well-known streets, the project takes up the first three floors of the two buildings located between 5th Avenue and 56th Street.

The heart of the building is epitomised by the staircase. Structure in rolled calended steel and cladded in a plastic layer that highlights its exceptional sculptural presence. The movement of the ribbons that constitutes the staircase, skimming each floor, disenchants the possibility to recognise the geometry.

There is confliction between the apparent simplicity of the internal space and the cafe/restaurant giving an advanced notice of the elevators entrance. The refolded bronze that covers them. acquired and reflects the colours and the shades giving a glimpse of the new atmosphere. From the restaurant, filtered by an amber veil, there is a splendid view of 5th Avenue and the end of Central Park.

[via Doriana & Massimiliano Fuksas,  Ramon Prat, Allan Toft]

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