Ocean Room Restaurant, Sydney

Across the Sydney Opera House, at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Ocean Room restaurant headed by the Japanese celebrity chef, Raita Noda.

The design outcome resulted in a unique dining experience under the silhouette of 40,000 timber objects suspended from the ceiling. Within 7m high ceiling, the timber silhouette was dramatized in two parts: the front entry dark timber chandelier over the dark cocktail bar and, in contrast, a lighter coloured timber curtain was sculpted in the main dining area, creating a visual dialogue with the Sydney Opera House beyond. The timber objects swing and dance with harbour breeze and create pleasant hitting sounds just like Japanese furin over the main dining area.

The restaurant’s signature chandelier installation consists of over 3,000 miniature wooden cylinders, fitted together like a giant hanging puzzle. The floors to ceiling glass windows maximize the restaurant’s stunning location with spectacular views of Sydney’s Opera House and harbour.

Saturday? …you are thinking where to go – check out this amazing ceiling space ..or just enjoy the food!

[via images & text Koichi Takada]

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