Famous sister’s Kardashian’s Closet

It’s every girls dream to have a walk in wardrobe like this one day. We sneak peak in The Kardashian sisters wardrobe today. All three of them have amazing style and incredibly large closets to fit their enormous designer collections of clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Sisters stylish wardrobes

Kim Kardashian bought a house where she converted one of the guest rooms to a closet sanctuary, and we’ve got some photos of both her, and her sister’s closets! Enjoy and envy their wardrobes for now!

Kim’s jewellery and jacket collection

Kim, shares her top tips: “Always use the same style of hangers throughout”

Khloe’s Wardrobe – I absolutely love the draw centerpiece!

I love this!! Khloe’s Shoe Collection – “Louboutins are like artwork to me—my Picassos,” she says, displaying her most recent acquisition

Kourtney’s Wardrobe

“Before Mason (Kourtney’s 21-month-old son), my minimum heel requirement was 5 inches!” says the oldest of the sisters. Now that she’s got a toddler to chase, her special-occasion heels have been relegated to the upper shelves, while sparkly sandals and dainty ballerina flats take center stage. – Instyle

That’s all folk’s from KK sister’s for now stay tuned for Part II – Khloe’s house and more stylish clothes! Do you have enough storage space in your apartment / home or are you in a situation like mine?! I would love to hear your storage ideas!

[via instyle]

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