Square Nine Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia


Project:Square Nine Hotel | Location:Belgrade, Serbia | Architect:Isay Weinfeld
Date: Beginning of the project: 2005 | Building completion: February 2011

Designed by Architect Isay Weinfeld, the Square Nine Hotel is a contemporary construction integrating both modern and historical elements, as seen in many of the surrounding buildings.  Located in the heart of Belgrade’s historical center, the boutique-inspired hotel is within walking distance to shops, restaurants and Kalemegdan.

Square Nine Hotel is the first five-star hotel to open in more than a decade in Belgrade. Located right in the heart of the historic center conspiring the ideal place to stay and pamper yourselves in contemporary luxury as you discover the blossoming capital of Belgrade. One of my favorite cities in the world.

The hotel was born from the owner’s desire to be part of Belgrade’s renovation, impressing a luxurious, but more familiar character to the city.

The interior design applies materials such as stone, bronze mirrors and wood claddings, both light and dark colored, which results in very cozy ambients and the most elegant atmosphere.

Isay Weinfeld

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